Australia's premium
seaweed biomass


Venus Shell Systems is setting global benchmarks with its new PhycoPRO™ range of seaweed products for food, digestive and skin health applications.





Unique seaweed compounds with multiple applications

PhycoGreen™ : Nutritious food

Our food-grade seaweed extract, PhycoGreen™, is a functional food ingredient with high nutritional and bio-functional properties. PhycoGreen™ can be used as an ingredient for bespoke formulations and supplements. It is also the key ingredient in our own food brand, PhycoFood Co™.

As a food ingredient PhycoGreen™

  • adds organic forms of vitamins and minerals for efficient uptake
  • increases protein content including amino acids
  • adds Omega-3, natural pigments, anti-oxidants including beta-carotenes, and unique sulfated polysaccharides
  • has a healthy salt ratio.








Improving digestive health

Beyond the renowned nutritional benefits of seaweed, certain compounds have also been shown to help improve the digestion process. PhycoDigest™ offers proven bio-functional properties that can contribute to both metabolic and digestive health.

Preliminary trials have demonstrated the potential for prebiotic activity of the controlled extract. Human clinical trials for gut and metabolic health are currently underway.






Revolutionary skin science

Modern research has uncovered many seaweed compounds that are highly effective for long-term and preventative skin health. Recent empirical evidence is providing new answers as to exactly how seaweed works and which molecules are the most biologically functional.

This opens up exciting treatment possibilities for healthcare and medical professionals.

Research is showing compelling evidence of efficacy everywhere from topical skin cancer treatments and wound healing, to preventative skin care health.

PhycoDerm™ is rich in L-rhamnose which is known to be particularly important for skin pathologies with anti-inflammatory activities, reducing bacterial adhesion and protection from skin stressors.

Rhamnose can also stimulate collagen production, binding and cell division.